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Midtown Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta is coming into it’s own.  It’s long been the capital of the South, but there is a transformation going on in Atlanta that has been in the works for 20 years but seems to have picked up steam in the past 1-2 years for some reason.  It’s turning into a city with city-like access and urban life.  Midtown is leading it.

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Roy Ayers Funks Atlanta

Went down to the Atlanta Jazz Festival to check out the one and only Roy Ayers funk the park.  This is one of the grooviest guys out there today and he’s been holding it down for decades.  Check the link for a live track to one of his classics.

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NYC Vibe

Was in New York City in the meatpacking district recently and pointed my camera at this guy to take the shot – he decided to ham it up for the lens.  His buddy not so much….

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Flaming Lips Atlanta Gig 2012

Always heard the Flaming Lips put on an over the top type of show so I went down with a few friends to Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park to check it out over the weekend.  Here are some shots from that show.

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At Syntagma Square Athens

This is the base of the place where all the street demonstrations in Athens are going on.  Went there in 2010 to spend a few days in Athens and took some time to check out Syntagma Square and  get a feel for the place.  Interesting now to actually know the real estate we see on TV where the Greeks are in the streets.

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